Clothing Brands We Love

Clothing brands have become popular in our society today. We see many people wearing the same type of clothing and it appears that everyone is buying from one store or brand. But there are those few individuals who like branching away from mainstream fashion and love getting their clothes from other places. Whether they do this for comfort, style, price, or all three reasons combined, these people choose to shop at different stores than the average person does. And I’m here to show you five awesome clothing brands!

Paragon Sports

One clothing brand that I absolutely adore is Paragon Sports. This clothing store has no physical locations, but instead they sell clothing online and ship all over the United States. They sell many different types of clothing such as workout clothing, casual wear, dresses, t-shirts, shoes and more! A few of my favorite items from them are a pair of black leggings with white polka dots on the knees and a crop top sweater dress in peach. The prices for these clothing brands differ by what you want to get. At Paragon Sports there’s something for every type of budget! Plus, clothing brands make my life less stressful during the day. I can go to Paragon Sports and get clothing brands for myself, my mom, my friends, and even clothing brands for my little sister!

Clothes Mentor – Resale Palace

Clothes Mentor Fayetteville NC is a clothing brand that I frequent whenever I need clothing brands. They sell clothing at a discounted price and they guarantee to have clothing for any style you’re looking for. From trendy clothing brands to more expensive clothing brands, if you are looking for clothing retailers that’s the place to go! Their clothes always look brand new like it was never used before and a clothing brand that I love from them is a pair of white shorts. They are perfect for the summertime and can be paired with anything!

Once Upon a Child – The Children’s Place

This clothing brand makes awesome clothing brands for kids. They have clothing of all different styles and their clothing prices are very affordable. A clothing brand that I love from The Children’s Place is a bow dress in a beautiful lavender color; it would look awesome on my sister!  Plus, clothing brands are really clothing brand conscious. This clothing brand is very good and friendly to their customers.

Plato’s Closet – The Teenagers Palace

Plato’s Closet is clothing brand you go to when you want clothing brands for teens. They have clothing of all different styles and their clothing prices are very affordable. A clothing brand that I love from them is a hoodie; it’s perfect because the wintertime is coming up! They also have a lot of clothing Items, clothing brands, clothing accessories, clothing shoes and clothing brands.

Where is The Whaley Center Located?

The Whaley Center is located in Fayetteville, North Carolina. The address of this Shopping Center is 4544 Yadkin Rd. Fayetteville, NC 28303. Visitors can use public transportation to get there such as the trolley or bus lines that go throughout this shopping center. Parking for cars is also available in The Whaley Center. Everyone who has visited the Whaley center loves it because they learn so much about Clothing. I’ve been there personally and it was great fun getting clothing brands at Whaley Center Fayetteville NC where some clothing brands live!

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