How to Remove Tint From Your Back Window

If you’ve ever wondered how to remove tint from your back window, you’re not alone. This article contains tips on how to get rid of unwanted tint on your rear window, without ruining your car’s look. Whether you’ve got a cracked window or a hazy tint, it’s possible to get rid of it. Just make sure you’re using a heat gun, Trash bags, or Acetone, and follow the directions carefully.

How to Remove Tint From Your Back Window

Heat gun

Applying heat to your back window tint may be a hassle. But you can remove it with a heat gun on a cool day. Start by holding the heat gun six inches away from the tint and pull at the film. Do not overheat it because too much heat could damage the door panel. Then use a brand new razor blade with a straight edge to peel off the film from the glass.

You can also apply WD40, a professional-grade cleaner. Just spray the WD40 on the window, wipe it off with a rag, and then wash the window. ATR adhesive remover is also an excellent choice. This solution will get rid of any glue residue left after applying the WD40. Just make sure to follow the manufacturer’s instructions when using the heat gun. Once you’ve removed the tint, the window should be clean.


If you’re wondering how to remove tint from back window, you have two options. The first method uses a household sponge and soapy water. You can also use a heat gun or alcohol to loosen the tint glue. This method requires several hours of drying time, so you’ll need to reapply the soap water every 20 minutes. Once the window is clean, you can then wipe off the residue with a cloth soaked in acetone.

Another method involves applying nail polish remover to the glass. This solution is known to be effective for removing adhesive residue. However, it’s not effective for removing tint. Instead, you can use a microfiber cloth to remove any excess glue. In addition to using nail polish remover, you can also use a bucket of hot soapy water to clean the glass. This method can help you remove any leftover adhesive from back window.


First, prepare a plastic garbage bag and spray it with water. Lay a tarp on the rear deck to catch the water that is likely to splatter. Then, spray a solution of ammonia and water on the tint. Put the plastic bag over the window and wait about half an hour for the ammonia to soak in. After the tint dries, you can scrape off the leftover tint with a non-metallic scraper.

Use steel wool to scrub off any remaining film of tint. You can also use ammonia or a commercial glass cleaner. Make sure you wear protective gear and avoid putting your eyes on the chemical. Using a hairdryer will also help prevent scraping the defroster lines. However, do be careful when applying the ammonia, as the chemical may damage the interior of your car. You should also clean the glass thoroughly afterward.

Trash bags

To remove the tint on your back window, you can use a plastic bag, a thick black garbage bag or a similar material. Make sure the plastic bag is large enough to cover the entire window. Spray water on the window, then lay the bag over the tinted glass. You should make sure to get the entire window covered and that it touches the tint. If it is extremely difficult to clean the tint, you can use a tarp or a plastic bag.

You can also use a heat gun to remove the tint from the window. The heat gun will quickly dry the window tint, making it a more effective option than the sun. Be sure to mist the area with a water hose to prevent it from drying out. Make sure the window tint is completely removed before you move onto the next step. After you’ve removed the tint, you can install a new tint on the window.

Rear defroster wires

If you’ve installed a tint on your back window, but haven’t removed the defroster grid, you’re not alone. It’s a common mistake among novice tint installers. You don’t know how to properly remove the defroster grid and risk damaging the car’s rear defroster. Here are a few tips to ensure the proper tint removal:

Before you begin, measure the rear window to determine how much film you’ll need. Remember to measure both the top and bottom of the window. Don’t forget to remove the air bubbles that could cause the tint film to wrinkle. If you’re installing the tint film yourself, make sure to follow manufacturer instructions carefully. If you’re using a professional, be sure to test it to ensure that it’s properly installed. If you do this, you can then proceed with the installation.

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