How to Remove Window Tints

What are window tints

Window tints are a thin tinted film that are installed on the windows. They can be installed on the exterior or interior sides of the glass. They are used on the windows of cars, houses, commercial buildings etc. There are mainly four main types of window tints dyed window tints, metallic window tints, ceramic window tints and carbon window tint. The price and specifications of each window tint varies with its type.

Why are Windows Tinted

Window are tinted to provide protection against increased exposure of sunlight which may be harmful. They serve this purpose by blocking excess UV rays from entering through the mirror thus save the human skin from many skin diseases. In some cases, the window tints are used for privacy as well. As they make it harder to see through the windows . In addition to this,

Why Do We Need to Remove Window Tints

Window tints might crack and start to peel off as they grow older. This usually happens when either the tint is not properly installed on the windows or a cheap quality tint is used. Not only do the cracked window tints decrease the outer look of the window, they may also be dangerous as it is nearly impossible to see through cracked window tints.

Removal of Window Tints Using Steamer

To remove the window tints of your car start with your side windows. Roll your window down by 6 to 7 cm and try to steam the upper left corner of the window. Use a razor, blade or a knife to start removing the window tint(be gentle while doing this you don’t want to make scratches on your window). You can do this by slowly and carefully pushing the razor from the upper left corner downwards to detach the window film.

When you have detached the corner of the window tint try pulling the whole tint out by gradually pulling it outwards, you might want to take it out in one large piece to make it easier for you to take the window tint out. To make this whole process easier for yourself, you have to steam the window right before you pull the tint out, this will help to break the bonds of glue.

When you reach the end of the window roll the window up and steam it nicely 5 to 6 times and take the window tint out by pulling it. Cleanse the extra adhesive glue by using a glass cleaner. There you go with a nice, shiny glass. Repeat the process for the back mirror. This process of removal is very easy and can easily be done at home just don’t forget to steam the window nicely before pulling the window tint out. In addition to this, make sure you take the window tint out in one piece.

What Can we do to Remove Residual Glue on the Glass

Worried about the residual glue that may look dirty on glass. Hey don’t worry we have a fix to it as well. Soak a towel or a piece of cloth in vinegar and cover the part of the glass with residual glue on it with the soaked cloth. Wait for a couple of minutes. Now wipe the glass out, residual glue is most likely to come out. If some of it is still left on the class, scrape it out gently. Now cleanse the glass with a commercial glass cleaner, it will help in restoring its shiny look.

The process of removal is glass tints is very easy and very simple. It can easily be done at your homes. Remember, don’t scratch the glass with a blade, razor or knife to firmly it may leave scratches that would definitely look bad in the future. Best of luck removing the window tints.

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